American Municipal Power and Standard Energy Announce 300 Megawatt Solar Energy Development

The 30-year agreement has the potential to yield one of the largest groups of solar electric facility developments in the country. Standard Energy partners with utilities to create regional renewable energy hubs that include solar farms, and assembly and distribution centers. These hubs service solar farms and local contractor markets for renewable energy products and solutions, resulting in sustainable economic development and job creation.

Under the terms of the agreement, AMP will offer power from Standard Energy to its 128 member utilities in six states: Ohio, Pennsylvania, Michigan, Virginia, Kentucky and West Virginia. The agreement involves the installation of solar electric facilities in or near participating AMP member communities, placing the facilities close to the load these utilities serve, resulting in reduced complexities associated with Regional Transmission Organization (RTO)-run markets. Construction on the first of these projects is expected to begin this year, with construction of all facilities to be completed within five years. Locations for installation sites for future projects are still being determined.

“AMP is a dynamic public power leader, with a proven record in deploying new renewable generation resources in the region,” said AMP President/CEO Marc Gerken. “From undertaking the nation’s largest deployment of new run-of-the-river hydroelectric generation to building Ohio’s first and only utility-scale wind farm, we have a proven track record in renewable energy. This project offers the opportunity for further diversification of AMP members’ generation resources and advances the use of solar technology.”

The agreement represents a major commitment to bring new renewable energy generation to tens of thousands of customers, as well as jobs and further diversification of power supply resources.

“Standard Energy is quickly becoming the partner of choice for utility-scale renewable energy projects,” said Scott Wiater, President, Standard Energy. “Leveraging our expertise through our affiliation with Standard Solar, our successful solar energy installations have brought clean energy to businesses, government and educational institutions and residences throughout the U.S.”

American Municipal Power Inc. is the wholesale power supplier and services provider for 128 member municipal electric systems in Ohio, Pennsylvania, Michigan, Virginia, Kentucky and West Virginia. The organization operates and maintains a number of generation assets that include coal, hydroelectric, wind, natural gas and diesel units and is currently developing new generation assets on behalf of it members. This effort includes the largest deployment of new run-of-the-river hydroelectric generation in the country.

In addition the organization provides a variety of related services to its members, including safety programs, technical services, financial programs, legislative, regulatory and legal representation as well as community outreach programs.

Standard Energy is a leading global renewable energy company that designs, constructs and owns utility scale energy generation assets as part of its strategy to create regional renewable energy hubs. These regional hubs consist of assembly and distribution facilities that offer integrated products and solutions to the local contractor market in support of the residential and commercial renewable energy markets. Standard Energy is affiliated with Standard Solar, a full service, turnkey, solar electricity system developer and integrator, providing solar solutions to residential, commercial and government customers throughout the Mid-Atlantic.