WinWinD delivers three new wind turbines to Aulepa Wind Farm in Estonia

The most powerful wind energy plant in the Baltic countries will gain 9 MW of new capacity and its annual energy production will grow by 23 GWh.

The construction work of the second stage of the wind farm will begin in June and a year later the three wind turbines will be erected and will be ready to generate electricity.

The additional WWD-3 wind turbines will be of the same type of 3 MW WinWinD wind turbines, running in the Aulepa Wind Park today.

”We have had constructive cooperation with Noarootsi municipality already since the first developments of Aulepa Wind Park. Also, I am glad that while planning the second stage, local people have shown responsibility and awareness of the necessity to develop renewable energy in Estonia,” said Sven Aasa, the manager of Aulepa Wind Farm.

“Thanks to the electricity generated by the three new wind turbines emission of approx 26 000 tonnes of CO2 can be prevented in Estonia each year.”

Opened in summer 2009, Aulepa Wind Farm has 13 wind turbines with the total capacity of 39 MW. After the completion of the second stage the wind farm will have total capacity of 48 MW and the annual energy production will be raised up to 123 GWh. The 48 MW capacity wind farm will cover the yearly demand for electricity of 43,000 homes.