Wind energy in Belarus: wind farm construction contract with Enertrag in June

“The wind power contract between the Minsk oblast and the German Enertrag is almost ready. The Belarusian side is currently studying the company’s tariffs on electric energy set for other countries. The wind turbines contract will be coordinated in the near future. The Enertrag Director is set to visit Belarus in June to reach the agreement on signing the document,” Semyon Kundas said.

In his words, wind power engineering projects will be also implemented in Grodno. “Belarusian specialists have been working with Chinese investors in the region,” he said.

Belarus is also in talks with German firms on another big project – production of biogas units in Belarus.

BelTA has earlier informed that the German energy company Enertrag AG plans to construct a wind farm in the Dzerzhinsk region. The relevant agreement was signed between Enertrag and the Minsk oblast executive committee.

Enertrag is to invest nearly €250 million in the implementation of the project. At first the capacity of the wind farm will be 80MW. After the project is over, the wind power capacity will total 160 MW.

The construction will be held in two phases. Germany possesses a rich experience in renewable energy. Almost 50% of the consumed energy there is generated from sun power, wind energy and biomass.

The wind farm will be located in the Dzerzhinsk region, as Enertag was interested in the highest location in Belarus.

The Enertrag company plans to use the energy produced by the wind farm as it thinks fit and sell it to Belarusian customers. The investment agreement has not been signed yet.

Founded in early 1990s, the Enertrag company constructs power plants and biogas units. In 2009 Enertrag established cooperation with Belarusian organizations in the use of renewables.