German photovoltaic market could double, despite feed-in tariff cuts

Despite rumors of a slow-down, the German PV market could have another banner year in 2010, setting yet another record for the world’s largest solar market.

Henning Wicht, senior director and principal analyst at iSuppli, a leading technology market research firm, predicts up to 7 Gigawatts will be installed in Germany in 2010.

“The experiences from Spain in 2008 and Germany in the second half of 2009 indicate that the German market in 2010 can grow by 100 percent,” Wicht said.

Despite the looming cuts in Germany’s feed-in tariffs, solar continues to represent attractive investment conditions, said Wicht, a headlining speaker at next week’s global solar conference, “The Solar Future,” in Munich.

“Also, after the feed-in tariff cuts in 2010, we will still see attractive investment rates for all roof-top installations and self-consumption,” Wicht said. “Everyday, we are anxiously awaiting new data on the monthly installation report published by the Bundesnetzagentur (German Grid Agency). But the exciting time is now.”

Wicht is one of a dozen industry experts slated to speak at SolarPlaza’s 12th executive conference June 8 in Munich. The conference offers a single-day event, packed with information and insight from an all-star panel of industry experts like Wicht.

“With so much activity in the world solar market now, industry players need to be up to the minute on the latest news and trends,” said Edwin Koot, CEO of conference organizer Solarplaza. “Solar has proven again that it will defy conventional wisdom.”

Italy may overtake Germany as the leading market, with the US, France, Japan and China soon to follow, Wicht said.

“We expect numerous countries offering solar incentives which are not yet visible today. Indeed we expect markets to shift, however, Europe will still attract approximately 60 percent of all installations,” according to Wicht. 

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