China Wind Turbine Blade Industry

The 2010-2014 Deep Research Report on China’s Wind Turbine Blade Industry focuses on the Wind Blade Industry in China, introducing the Chinese Wind turbine blade industry’s current status and coming years development trend forecasts. This report firstly introduces wind turbines blade manufacturing processes and technology as well as introducing technology applications and related processes relating to raw materials and equipments source.

The report then introduces the China wind turbine blade capacity production supply demand and 2010-2014 forecasts, and then introduces the China 18 wind turbine companies all kinds of blades (750KW 850KW 1MW 1.25MW 1.5MW 2.0MW 2.5MW 3.0MW etc) capacity production Cost Price Profit Profit Margin downstream wind turbine customers (such as Sinovel Goldwind DEC etc) and capacity expansion plan.

It also introduces China all blade companies capacity market share production market share, total wind turbine blade supply from 2009-2014 and China wind turbine blade demand from 2009-2014, and wind turbine blade shortage from 2009-2014, wind turbine cost price production value profit margin from 2009-2014 and wind turbine blade supply relationship with wind turbine companies.

What is more, most of the related data and information is listed by wind turbine blade Specification (750KW 850KW 1MW 1.25MW 1.5MW 2.0MW 2.5MW 3.0MW etc).

Finally, the report conducts a comprehensive summary of the Chinese Wind Turbine Blade industry, including past, present and future forecasts. The authors also made a feasibility analysis of 500 sets/year 1.5MW Wind Turbine blade projects, and carried out an accurate calculation on investment cost, revenue, profitability and payback periods. In a word, it is an in-depth research report on the Chinese Wind Turbine Blade industry chain.

Key Topics Covered:

Chapter One Wind Turbine Blade Industry Overview
1.1 Definition of Wind Turbine Blade
1.2 Classification and Application
1.3 Wind Turbine Blade Structure
1.4 Industry Chain Structure
1.5 Wind Turbine Blade Industry Outlook

Chapter Two Manufacture Technology and Processes of Wind Turbine Blade
2.1 Wind Turbine Blade Manufacturing Technology Overview
2.2 Wind Turbine Blade Manufacture
2.3 Raw materials and equipment suppliers
2.4 China Wind Turbine Blade enterprises Manufacturing Technology
2.5 Prospect of Wind Turbine Blade Manufacturing Technology

Chapter Three China Wind Turbine Blade Productions Supply Sales Demand Market Status and Forecast
3.1 Wind Turbine Blade Productions Overview
3.2 Wind Turbine Blade Demand
3.3 Supply and Demand of China Wind Turbine Blade
3.4 Cost Price Value Profit Margin of China Wind Turbine Blade
3.5 Wind Turbine Blade Customer relationship List
3.6 2009-2014 Different Wind Turbine Blades New Installed Capacity (MW)and Market share List

Chapter Four China Wind Turbine Blade Key Manufacturers
4.1 Zhong Hang Huiteng Wind Power Equipment Co., Ltd (Baoding Jiuquan Qinhuangdao)
4.2 Zhongfu Lianzhong Composites Group Co. Ltd (Lianyungang Jiuquan Baotou Shenyang)
4.3 Vestas (Denmark Tianjin 2.0MW 850KW Wind turbine)
4.4 Dongqi (Tianjin 1.5MW)
4.5 LM Glasfiber (Denmark Tianjin)
4.6 Zhong Neng Windpower (Baoding VARTM Hand Lay-up)
4.7 Sinoma (Beijing Jiuquan)
4.8 Guo Dian United Power (Baoding Lianyungang)
4.9 GCL Wind Energy (Jiangsu)
4.10 Gamesa (Spain Tianjin 850KW 2.0MW Wind turbine)
4.11 Suzlon (India Tianjin 1.25MW 1.5MW Wind turbine)
4.12 Shanghai FRP Research Institute (LengGuang Industrial 600629 Shanghai Guosheng Corporation)
4.13 Nordex (Germany Dongying 1.5MW Wind turbine)
4.14 Xinfeng Energy (Tianjin 000836)
4.15 Miracle Logistics (002009 Wuxi 800KW 1.25MW)
4.16 Sino-wind (HY Wind Baiying Baoding )
4.17 SANY (Beijing Jilin Tongyu)
4.18 Tianwei Wind Power (Baoding 1.5MW)
4.19 Other wind turbine blade manufacturers

Chapter Five Downstream Co-operation Wind Turbine Manufacturers
5.1 Sinovel (Beijing 1.5MW 3.0MW)
5.2 Goldwind (Xinjiang 750KW 1.5MW 2.5MW)
5.3 DEC (600875 1.5MW)
5.4 Mingyang (Guangdong 1.5MW 3.0MW)
5.5 Windey (Zhejiang 750KW 800KW 1.5MW)

Chapter Six Feasibility Analysis of China New Wind Turbine Blade Projects
6.1 Opportunity and Risk of China Wind Turbine Blade Projects
6.2 Feasibility Analysis of Wind Turbine Blade project

Chapter Seven Wind Turbine Blade Industry Research Conclusions

Companies Mentioned:
* Aeolon Wind Energy Technology Development Co., Ltd.
* Canada Hanwei Energy Services Corp
* Dongqi
* Gamesa
* GCL Wind Energy
* Goldwind
* Granville century Wind Power Equipment Co., Ltd.
* Guo Dian United Power
* Hangtian yijiu Technology Development Co., Ltd
* Henan Mingdu Wind-power Co. Ltd
* Jiangsu Jiuding Group
* Lintex Composites Co.,Ltd
* LM Glasfiber
* Luoyang Sunrui wind turbine blade Co. Ltd
* Mingyang
* Miracle Logistics
* Nanwind turbineg Ventilator Co., Ltd.
* Nordex
* Other wind turbine blade manufacturers