Coulomb Technologies Announces Support Electrification Legislation

Coulomb Technologies today announced support for the unveiling of Electrification Legislation in Washington DC. Republicans and Democrats in both the House and Senate announced bills that address the issues and challenges set forth by the Electrification Coalition in November, 2009.

These issues include the high cost of lithium ion batteries, the absence of a network of chargers, both private (home) and public (shared), the lack of utility readiness, in terms of both IT and physical infrastructure and consumer psychology issues regarding a new technology.

Coulomb Technologies is a founding member of the Electrification Coalition a nonpartisan, not for-profit-group of business leaders committed to promoting policies and actions that facilitate the deployment of electric vehicles on a mass scale in order to combat the economic, environmental and national security dangers cause by our nation’s dependence on petroleum.

"Today our government made significant progress in our goal of reducing our nation’s dependence on foreign oil and reducing greenhouse gas emissions though the bipartisan unveiling of Electrification Legislation," said Richard Lowenthal, CEO of Coulomb Technologies. "Government legislation brings further credibility and awareness to the future of transportation in our country."

About Coulomb Technologies, Inc. is a the leader in electric vehicle charging station infrastructure with networked charging stations installed in municipalities and organizations worldwide.

Coulomb provides a vehicle-charging infrastructure, with an open system driver network: the ChargePoint Network provides multiple web-based portals for Hosts, Fleet managers, Drivers, and Utilities, and ChargePoint Networked Charging Stations ranging in capability from 120 Volt to 240 Volt AC charging and up to 500 Volt DC charging.