Alberto Ceña: Spain Willing To Invest In Wind Power In Turkey

Spain expressed on Thursday eagerness to invest in wind energy in Turkey. Alberto Ceña, the technical director of the Spanish Wind Energy Association (AEE), said that the association wanted to construct wind farm facilities and produce new projects in Turkey.

"Spain is very experienced in wind energy, and Spanish companies want to invest in other countries," Cena told AA correspondent in Istanbul. Alberto Ceña is visiting Istanbul to attend a conference.

The director said he wanted to give a message to Turkish executives that investment cost in wind energy was lower than they thought. Ceña said Turkey and Spain were a lot like each other, and two countries were depending other countries for energy.

"Therefore, the two countries should think of using a natural energy opportunity like wind energy," he said. Alberto Ceña said Spanish companies considered the biggest problem in Turkey as unclear laws regarding the renewable energy.

The director underlined importance of eliminating those uncertainties to pave the way for investments. Alberto Ceña said the geographical and wind conditions of Turkey and Spain were similar to each other, and Spain could reach other countries via Turkey.

Wind turbines has reached 20,000 megawatts in Spain today, and Spain meets 14 percent of its electricity demand from wind energy.

The objectives of the association are to overcome the technical and statutory barriers that affect the growth of wind power; to maintain and consolidate the retributive regimen of the electrical production of wind origin that allows the sustainable development of the sector; to become the meeting point for the main characters of the wind power market and the only valid interlocutor of the sector; and to generate opportunities and to attract investment for the development of wind energy.