The Top 5 States Hiring for Green Jobs: California, Washington, DC, New York, Texas and Colorado

They found that employers in five states, primarily centered in the West, showed the most current green job openings online as of May 2010. Those states (in order) are:

1. California
2. Washington, DC
3. New York
4. Texas
5. Colorado

Researchers checked over 20 green-specific job boards and major job search aggregators to decide the top five. They did so by querying each site according to number of openings in each state against various green job titles such as Solar Installers, Engineers, Environmental, Biofuels and Smart Grid. Each state was ranked according to the total number of jobs across each source. Individual company sites were not part of the project.

California had over 7,500 green jobs currently posted online with a variety of different employers. The two most sought-after job types were in sales and engineering. If you can sell green products and services, ample opportunity exists for good sales people in the green economy. Engineering candidates of all disciplines – mechanical, solar, chemical, etc. – are also in huge demand. Making all this new green machinery work together takes lots of engineering brainpower.

What’s a Green Job?

While there are definitely shades of green jobs, the basic definition is this: any job that creates, supports, maintains or regulates recycling, energy efficiency or renewable energy products and services. This could be a wind turbine technician or an accountant who works at the wind farm. Both jobs are considered green.

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