The first wireless power solution for wind turbines

The first wireless power solution for wind turbines was unveiled today at the WindPower 2010 conference and exhibition in Dallas, Texas. PowerbyProxi Proxi-Ring contactless slip ring provides wireless power and data to pitch control systems in wind turbines.

Proxi-Ring solutions make wind turbines more cost-effective by reducing the cost of maintaining and replacing existing mechanical slip rings and their carbon brushes. PowerbyProxi wireless power solutions also deliver 90-percent efficiency, which is on par with most hard-wired power transfer solutions.

Fady Mishriki, vice president of applications for PowerbyProxi, says, “Operation and maintenance costs are a sizable portion of annual wind turbine expenditures. By replacing traditional slip rings with the Proxi-Ring, PowerbyProxi solutions help to eliminate a major source of turbine downtime due to mechanical slip ring failure.”

Proxi-Ring wireless power solutions eliminate friction or heating between rotating and stationary circuit contacts that can occur with traditional slip rings. Unlike conventional slip-ring applications, typical contaminants such as oil or brake dust do not affect Proxi-Ring operation. The wireless power solutions are highly corrosion-resistant, waterproof and compatible with existing power supplies and common communication protocols.

Two solutions exist to provide wireless electricity to wind turbines across rotary joints. The Proxi-Ring 240 and 750 products are completely wireless alternatives to mechanical slip rings for hydraulically controlled systems. Both of these solutions have been designed to make it easy for wind turbine vendors to incorporate in new turbines or for wind farm operators and maintenance service providers to retrofit to existing wind turbines.

The Proxi-Ring 750 is also available as a hybrid solution developed with UEA Incorporated to deliver a new high-performance solution for electric pitch control systems. In this solution, the Proxi-Ring provides wireless electricity to critical low-power and data channels.

Proxi-Ring is a frictionless, contactless slip ring, which supplies wireless power to rotating, highly mobile industrial equipment. This solution is a totally electrical device with no moving parts or friction-based components. Proxi-Ring enables complete freedom of movement (360° continuous rotation) across rotary joints, unlimited rotation speeds and no need for lubrication or cooling.

Other typical applications of Proxi-Ring solutions include replacements for through-hole slip rings, hydraulic control valves and actuators, heavy machinery, process automation equipment and robotics.

PowerbyProxi’s Proxi-Wave technology is unique in its ability to cater for the demands of variable load operating environments and overcomes the limitations of earlier generations of inductive power solutions that suffered from excessive heat generation.

PowerbyProxi is exhibiting at WindPower2010, booth number 11650.

PowerbyProxi is the global leader in high-efficiency, industrial wireless power solutions for wet, dirty and moving applications. PowerbyProxi technology overcomes the constraints of power cables and mechanical components, which can stifle design innovation and increase maintenance costs.