Li-ion Motors Corp. Advances into the Knockout Round of the Progressive Automotive X-Prize

Li-ion Motors’ 21st Century Design & Engineering of emission-free electric vehicles propulsion systems using the latest lithium-ion battery technology, announces that it has passed the extremely detailed mechanical, electrical, safety and vehicle design inspections covering hundreds of points, and is advancing to the driving stages of the shakedown event of the Progressive Automobile X-Prize.

LMCO’s electric car passed tests including zero to 60 mph with a minimum time reached. The next was 0 mph to 60 mph back to 0 mph to test acceleration and braking. The third was emergency lane changing maneuvers without the use of brakes. The final tests for the shakedown were an efficiency run and durability run.

The competition began with 111 registered teams. After 4 rounds, Li-ion Motors’ lithium-powered electric vehicle remains, as one of 22 teams vying for their share of the $10 million prize. The next phase starting June 16th and running thru June 27th will be held at Michigan International Speedway. This full knockout stage is designed to narrow the field to the finalists going into the following phase of the competition to be held in July.

Li-ion Motors Corp. (OTCBB: LMCO) was incorporated in Nevada in 2000 and is a development stage technology company that is focusing its resources and efforts on the development and marketing of lithium-powered electric vehicles and products, as well as on commercial and residential properties. Everything from scooters, bicycles, mopeds, motorcycles, cars and homes are being converted successfully to zero-emission, lithium-powered vehicles and facilities.

Li-ion Motors Corp. is a concept and brand development corporation in the field of alternative-fuel automobiles, motorcycles, scooters, and bicycles, and alternative-fuel products.