II Ukrainian Renewable Energy Forum will be held on October 14-15, in Kyiv

II Ukrainian Renewable Energy Forum (REF.UA), meeting professionals, whose activities are connected to the Ukrainian market of alternative energy, will be held on October 14-15, in the center of Ukrainian capital (Ukrainian House, Khreshchatik, 2).

II Ukrainian Renewable Energy Forum (REF.UA), meeting professionals, whose activities are connected to the Ukrainian market of alternative energy, will be held on October 14-15, in the center of Ukrainian capital (Ukrainian House, Khreshchatik, 2).

The Forum creates a business platform for exchange of experience, communication, presenting investment projects and for finding the investors in the field of solar and wind energy, as well as in the heat pumps, energy-from-waste projects and small hydropower businesses.

On the second day of the REF.UA simultaneously with the main program of the Forum V International Conference “Alternative Fuels-2010” will be held.

Relevance of the Forum

Industry sector of renewable energy has become one of a few areas of the world economy, which in 2009-2010 showed rapid growth against stagnation in other sectors. In this regard, the increase of investment in projects on production of renewable fuels and energy now stands as logical and natural redistribution of financial resources.

Ukraine today has great potential for development of projects in the sectors of wind power and solar energy, small hydropower plants, the use of biomass resources and waste.

Vast future perspective of Ukrainian renewable energy market is proved not only by great interest expressed by foreign companies in this segment, but also by the practical steps of Ukrainian investors.

Wind energy

In 2011 the first major private wind farm in Ukraine is expected to start its work. There are also more than a dozen wind farms in Ukraine at the implementation stage now.

At the same time, today Ukrainian manufacturers of small wind generators are forming the niche of wind generating equipment on the European market of alternative energy. Meanwhile the domestic market of small wind generators is still almost empty and has large perspectives for its growth.

Solar energy

Solar panels are no longer exotic in Ukraine: many private households and administrative buildings are equipped with autonomous power and solar water heating systems and the sector continues developing rapidly.

There are also broad perspectives for construction of large solar power plants in Crimea. Several such projects have been announced.

Biomass and Energy from wastes

Today special attention of the investors is drawn to the projects on the solid biofuel production in Ukraine as well as on the production of heat and power based on biomass and various types of waste.

Given the short return on investment period (up to 2 years) of such projects a number of them will be implemented during this and coming year.

II Ukrainian Renewable Energy Forum is devoted to improvement of the legal base for renewable energy production, as well as to the effective interaction between private companies, ministries and agencies, financial institutions, research centers and production facilities.

Renewable energy has long been a promising line of business worldwide, this process is irreversible for Ukraine as well.


I Ukrainian Forum for Renewable Energy, which was held October 15-16 in the Ukrainian House (Kyiv, Khreshchatyk, 2), has become one of the main events of the year in the domestic industry of alternative energy.

The forum brought together key players in the market of traditional and renewable energy, as well as representatives of large financial-industrial groups, leading legal and financial companies. Within two days the participants of the forum was over 230 delegates, including top managers and owners of companies, representatives of state structures and international organizations.

The Forum highlighted the state of markets for solar, wind energy, heat pumps, new heating systems, small hydropower. Also a big session of the Forum was devoted to investment and investment projects in the Ukrainian alternative energy. In addition, the Forum hosted a seminar for startup companies in alternative energy and a round table discussion on "green tariffs", in which Forum participants could discuss issues and opportunities in the market of Ukraine in connection with new legislative changes.

As had been announced by organizers of the Forum, a conference hall was powered by electricity generated by solar power system of Kvazar and wind generator installed by Gressa-group. Also during the passage of the Forum the first in the history of Kiev network discharges in the grid of electricity produced from alternative sources took place. Inverters were provided by Unisolar.

Here are reviews on the Forum:

Alejandro Nieto, commercial attache of the Embassy of Spain in Ukraine: A very interesting event. Good opportunities for business development;.

Gennady Gutin, the company Alstom: Well handpicked speakers from public and private sectors.

General Partner of the Forum: Kvazar.

Partners of the Forum sessions: Activ Solar and Gressa-Group.

Also partners of the Forum were: Dominion Legal Group (Legal partner), the Ukrainian Wind Energy Association, AVANTE (Technical Partner), Association of alternative fuels and energy market participants (AFEU), Quantum Business Group.

Participants: Ministry of energy and fuel of Ukraine (a first deputy minister), Kyiv authorities (a first deputy mayor of Kyiv), National Electricity Regulatory Commission, National Agency of Ukraine on Ensuring of Efficient Use of Energy (a first deputy head), NITOL, Kvazar, Activ-Solar, Nova-Eco, Concord-Group, Institute of Renewable Energy National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine, NEFCO, IFC, European Commission, Verkhovna Rada (deputies and representatives), Southern Machine-Building Plant of A. Makarov, All-Ukrainian Association Ukrhydroenergo, “SKB of Sukhina”, Camco International, MGM International, Horizon Capital Advisors, Synapse, Danish Embassy in Ukraine, Israel Embassy in Ukraine, German Embassy in Ukraine, Oficina Económica y Comercial de España en Kiev, National Agency of ecological investments of Ukraine, CPM, Unisolar, United Nations Economic Commission for Europe (Economic Cooperation and Integration Division), GreenMax Capital Advisors, Zeroemissions Russia, Pillar, Metinvest, “Crimea Energy generation systems”, Wikov Wind a. s., WKN Windkraft Nord AG, Chadbourne & Parke LLP, Arzinger, Electricite de France (EDF) and others.

Gressa-Group (Partner of Wind power Session)

Gressa-Group is the exclusive representative of high quality products of well known brands from France, Italy, Israel and other countries. The company is successfully operating on the Ukrainian market of climate control equipment for over 18 years, which enabled it to acquire considerable experience working with corporate clients and improve its skills and technology activities. The company works with well-established on the world market brands.