SunLink systems for 50 MW California solar rooftops

Southern California Edison (SCE), an Edison International company (NYSE:EIX), and SunLink® Corporation announced a master supply agreement to use SunLink’s rooftop solar mounting solution for the next major step in SCE’s massive solar energy generation program.

SunLink’s mounting solution will be used to install up to 50 MW worth of photovoltaic (PV) panels on numerous commercial rooftops in San Bernardino and eastern Los Angeles Counties by mid-2011. The contract represents 20 percent of SCE’s plan to build 250 MW of owner-installed and -operated PV systems over the next five years.

“SunLink is proud to help SCE roll out one of the largest and most cost effective rooftop PV programs in the country”

“We are pleased to have the support of SunLink’s experienced engineering team and quality products as we install the next 50 MW of one of the nation’s largest solar PV programs,” said SCE Director of Generation Strategy and Planning Mark Nelson.

SunLink offers multiple tilt angles and non-penetrating rooftop mounting options for a wide variety of solar panels, guaranteeing the best performance and system output for SCE’s projects. SunLink’s offsite pre-panelization service reduces installed costs and maximizes labor efficiency on the roof.

“SunLink is proud to help SCE roll out one of the largest and most cost effective rooftop PV programs in the country,” said Christopher Tilley, CEO, SunLink. “SCE’s selection of SunLink is yet another validation of our effort to provide a roof friendly PV mounting system that can be deployed cost-effectively at large scale.”

SunLink Corporation, based in San Rafael, CA, offers the solar industry’s most comprehensive, highly engineered solar module mounting solutions. The company designs and manufactures rooftop and ground mounted systems for commercial and utility]scale installations, supporting modules from nearly every photovoltaic manufacturer. SunLink has been the chosen solution on more than 60 MW of projects spanning over 400 sites across North America.