DONG Energy wins wind energy bid

Dong Energy has won the right to extend two wind farms by nearly 1000 megawatts off the UK coast, reports trade journal Ingeniøren. The company’s future wind farm at Walney will now be increased by 750 MW, while its existing offshore wind farm at Burbo Bank will be boosted by 234 MW.

Earlier this year Dong was passed by when British authorities selected which companies and consortia would be responsible for constructing offshore wind farms totaling at least 25 gigawatts in its coastal waters. But the new contracts mean the Danish energy company is again a major player in the UK wind power market.

Burbo Bank consists of 25 wind turbines located in Liverpool Bay able to produce up to 90 MW of electricity. With the newly approved expansion, its capacity will total 324 MW – about 50 percent more than Horns Rev 2, currently the world’s largest offshore wind farm.

The Walney offshore wind farm is not yet built. But with the additional capacity it could eventually produce around 1.2 GW – six times more than Horns Rev 2.

The UK’s Crown Estate, which manages the country’s coastal waters, has given the go ahead for an additional 2 GW of offshore wind power.

The announcement, which will expand projects given the go ahead under Round 1 and 2, will provide enough electricity for 1.4 million homes.

Five sites, Greater Gabbard, Kentish Flats, Thanet, Burbo Bank and Walney, being developed by a SSE Renewables/RWE Npower Renewables joint effort, Vattenfall and Dong Wind UK will be able to expand, generating an additional 1.7 GW.

An additional 340 MW has also been offered for two other projects (Race Bank and Dudgeon) being developed by Centrica Renewable Energy and Warwick Energy off the coast of Norfolk.

DONG Energy submits tender for concession to build Anholt offshore wind farm

DONG Energy submitted a binding tender to the Danish Energy Agency for the concession to build a 400 MW offshore wind farm off the Danish island of Anholt in the Kattegat.

Anholt offshore wind farm is expected to supply its first power in 2012 and to be finally completed in 2013. In 2009, DONG Energy built the world’s largest wind farm, Horns Rev 2, which has a capacity of 209 MW and is situated in the Danish sector of the North Sea, as well as a similar wind farm in the UK.

DONG Energy is currently building two offshore wind farms in the UK and is the operator of several wind farms in Northern Europe.