Wind power beats a new record in Spain

The daily production of wind power reached a new record yesterday with 278 507 megawatt hours (MWh), representing an increase of three percent over the last peak, reached on 24 February.

Overall, 55 percent of the demand of the day was covered by renewable energies (wind energy, hydro and solar photovoltaic and solar thermal). However, the wind power record of yesterday do not broke the record of instantaneous power of 12,916 MW, reached on 24 February this year.

During the month of April, the generation from renewable energy sources, including hydro, solar power and wind power reached 38.7% of total production, compared to 29.2% in the same month last year. The wind energy production has represented 13.2% of total production in April.

In the first four months of production with renewable energy sources in Spain was just over 40% of total production.