Delta Mutual Announces Acquisition of Lithium Deposit in Argentina

Lithium- which is considered the prime element in the production of long life batteries for use in electric vehicles, cell phones, solar energy panels as well as hundreds of consumer and industrial products- has been considered in scarce supply by the industrial world.

Delta Mutual, Inc. is pleased to announce that it now controls 100% (through an agreement between the parties) of an area of approximately 140,000 hectares (approx. 350,000 acres) in an area of North Guayatayoc, Argentina.

The results obtained in partial and preliminary surface samples duplicated in two areas and a sample taken from a well dug to 12 meters demonstrate the existence of Boron-Potassium-Lithium (B-K-Li) in the project area and its potential relation to the presence of saline paleolake. It is anticipated that the presence of deep brine aquifers are enriched in these elements. 

Delta Mutual, Inc. (OTCBB: DLTZ), headquartered in Scottsdale, AZ is an international company specializing in energy. The Company is focused on exploration, research and production of oil and natural gas as well as alternate energy sources. Delta has investments in oil and gas concession in South America. In the United States, we provide consulting services to develop a state of the art solar panel facility.

Our affiliate, Delta-Envirotech, Inc., distributes organic supplements, designed to increase crop yield, to farming operations in the Middle East. Envirotech is also pursuing oil remediation service projects for the highly contaminated soil in that region.

Delta’s key competitive advantage is the ability to access key decision makers, a result of management’s significant experience and established relationships in the markets in which we operate. The geographic distribution of our activities and the diversity of our commitments in the energy field, provide a solid foundation for the Company’s future.

This requires the reinterpretation of seismic lines and the subsequent deep drilling in search of brackish aquifers. One of the key benefits of this project is the existence of a large volume of water reserves and a continuous supply to the basin of elements (B-K-Li).

The first sample was collected in the river Casabindo- which is used for irrigation and human consumption-and gave us the following result: preliminary sample No. 1- 7.08ppm K, 0.56ppm Li; No. 2- 24.41ppm K, 0.15ppm Li. The second sample was collected in the Maiden River: sample No. 3- 4.58ppm K, 0.01ppm Li; and its duplicate yielded 4.58ppm K, 0.01ppm Li. The sample No. 4, taken from a hand-dug well for drinking water supply for human and animal consumption, produced values of 22.54ppm K, 0.15ppm Li and 253g/100mL of B.

Dajin Resources Corp operates a successful Li-K project in an area directly south of Delta’s property. Given the size of Delta’s property and the similarities in geological conditions with Dajin’s project, it can be derived that Delta now controls a world-class prospect for the development of B-K-Li.

Delta is continuing its investment in the energy field and is currently in the process of opening oil wells in the Guemes area of Salta in Argentina and has partnered with major oil and gas companies to increase its presence and asset producing properties.