Wind power order for Nordex in China (57 MW)

The wind turbines are due to start operation as early as the summer of this year. With 33 wind turbines, the “Keyouzhongqi” wind farm, owned by the customer Beijing Energy, accounts for the larger part of the deliveries now agreed.

At the site in Inner Mongolia temperatures can reach as low as 30 degrees below zero. For this reason Nordex is supplying the cold-climate version of the wind turbines. With an expected annual yield of around 120 mio. kilowatthours, “Keyouzhongqi” is able to supply some 70,000 Chinese households with clean electricity.

This wind farm is not the first joint project for Nordex and Beijing Energy: the wind turbine manufacturer has already put around 100 megawatts on grid for its Chinese customers.

As of May, Nordex will also be providing five turbines for Ningxia Power’s “Taiyanshan” and “Mahuangshan I” wind farms. In addition to this, there are plans to extend the “Mahuangshan II” project. Nordex is installing the wind farms in the province of Ningxia, where the turbine manufacturing facility jointly operated by Nordex and Ningxia Power is located.

Ningxia Power last placed a substantial order with Nordex in autumn last year. The 22 turbines from the new S82/1500 series, especially designed for inland locations, and the proven S77/1500 are now in operation.

With the serial produced multi-megawatt wind turbines Nordex N80, N90 and N100, Nordex is able to offer high-efficiency wind turbines for onshore use. For the rapidly developing chinese market and the asian-pacific region Nordex offer the powerful megawatt wind turbines Nordex S70 and Nordex S77.

Nordex: 25 years of experience in the harnessing of wind energy

Few technologies have made so much progress in recent years as the use of wind power. Nordex is one of the fathers of this development. After all, since 1985 we have been setting standards with the development up to readiness for series production of ever larger and thus more economical turbines:

* in 1995 with the first megawatt system in the world, the Nordex N54/1000 kW,
* in 2000 with the most powerful series wind turbine in the world, the N80/2500 kW.

Today more than 4,000 Nordex wind turbines with a total rated output of more than 5,720 megawatts are already rotating in 34 countries of the world. We are represented with offices and subsidiaries in 18 countries. In this way we are consistently seizing development opportunities in a market which will continue grow in the course of the next few years.

Nordex SE is a management holding company with its headquarters in Rostock. The domicile of the board and administration is Norderstedt, near Hamburg. Nordex AG’s task is to control and coordinate the activities of the two 100 per cent subsidiaries Nordex Energy GmbH and Nordex Energy B.V.