Poland plans for an intensive development of wind energy

Polish Under-Secretary of State, Marcin Korolec, told the European Wind Energy Conference (EWEC) in Warsaw that his country plans an “intensive development” of wind power both on land and at sea.

Poland has “optimal” weather conditions for wind energy, in particular the Baltic sea shore, and open terrain and mountains in the south of the country.

However, Jaroslaw Mroczek, President of the Polish Wind Energy Association struck a more cautious note saying that while Europe is doing well on renewables, Poland is not necessarily on the right track. Plans for renewables “look wonderful”, Mroczek, said, but stronger political will and new legislation is needed.

Korolec told the audience – which included delegates that had traveled overland from places as far and wide as Helsinki and Madrid – that wind turbines will play a “very important element of the total electricity production” in a country that is currently powered by over 90% coal.

EWEC’s first session opened with some live musical entertainment and dancers. Christian Kjaer described this year’s delegates as the “most committed” to wind energy for their efforts to get to Warsaw as flights remain grounded across large swathes of the continent.

Around over 1,900 participants have made it to EWEC and more are expected to arrive tomorrow.