WinWinD?s delivery of a 24 megawatt wind farm to Estonia has been confirmed

Nelja Energia OÜ, who is WinWinD’s client also in the Viru-Nigula and Vanakula Wind Parks, will act as a partner in the wind energy project.

Aseri is located in Eastern Estonia, about 130 km east from Tallinn. The wind farm will consist of 8 pieces of 3 MW wind turbines, which will be delivered during this year. The wind farm is expected to start producing electricity in the beginning of 2011.

WinWinD is the leading 3 megawatt wind turbine supplier in the Estonian market. After the de-livery of the Aseri Wind Park, the company will have delivered a total of 108 MW to Estonian clients, possessing more than 70% of the total wind energy market share.

Nelja Energia OÜ, who is the biggest wind energy developer in Estonia and now also WinWinD’s biggest customer, currently runs nine wind farms in Estonia with a total capacity of 106,4 MW. They have bought 19 wind turbines with a total capacity of 57 MW from WinWinD.