Europe Ready for Next Generation of Fast Chargers for Electric Vehicles

 Epyon is currently the only company of its kind in Europe that delivers fast chargers equipped with the latest CHAdeMO communication protocol for charging of electric vehicles (EVs) from major car brands such as Mitsubishi, Nissan and PSA.

Epyon representatives were present at the founding event in Japan of CHAdeMO, an association for the standardization of quick-charging protocols. CHAdeMO (‘Charge de Move’) was formed in March 2010 as a partnership between Toyota, Nissan, Mitsubishi, Fuji Heavy Industries (Subaru) and the Tokyo Electric Power Company.

CHAdeMO aims to enable the rapid deployment of fast-charger installations worldwide, to further stimulate the usage of electric vehicles and to standardise the charging of the lithium ion batteries. Through its membership Epyon can certify CHAdeMO compliance of its TERRA fast chargers and fast-charge the new generation of CHAdeMO compliant electric cars such as the the Nissan LEAF and the Mitsubishi i-MiEV.

Crijn Bouman, Epyon’s VP of Business Development, comments: "We’re very honoured to have such a good relationship with the CHAdeMO Association. This relationship gives us the opportunity to support the latest release, this month, of the fast-charging communication protocol including all enhanced safety features."

Bouman continues: "In addition Epyon’s power-routing system makes the smart charging solution even better. The system enables other companies to build services on top of the infrastructure such as managing the charging time and the billing process. Batteries are charged in the most optimal conditions thus ensuring the battery life is protected."

Epyon has over five years of experience with fast-charging equipment for EVs. The long charging times are one of the main drawbacks for consumers to own an electric car at this moment. Charging EV batteries traditionally takes a lot of time, up to hours. With Epyon’s fast charging-solution, EVs can be charged within 15 minutes enabling almost 24 hour availability and long driving range.