Enercon to build 33 MW wind power in Taiwan

Enercon’s installing six 900 kW wind turbines and 12 units of 2.3MW wind turbines with Chung-Hsin Electric & Machinery Manufacturing Corporation.

The 900 kW wind turbines are being constructed on Penghu Island. Of the 2.3 MW wind turbines, two are being installed at the Datan wind farm, and the other ten wind turbines are set for at Wei-Kong wind farm.

The towers are supplied by China Steel Machinery Corporation. Enercon has installed over 100 wind turbines on Taiwan and worldwide more than 16,000.

Enercon began its road to economical/ecological success when graduate engineer Aloys Wobben founded the company in 1984. A small team of engineers developed the first E-15/16 wind turbine with a rated power of 55 kW.

In the beginning Enercon systems still featured gearboxes. The changeover to gearless technology was made in 1992 with the first ENERCON E-40/500 kW. The innovative drive system with few rotating components enables almost frictionfree energy flow. The performance and reliability of this system is exemplary. Mechanical stress, operating costs and maintenance costs are reduced, and the service life of the systems is increased.

Today, all Enercon wind energy converters are based on this tried and tested turbine concept. New system generations emerge through continuous further development of all components, in order to provide customers with technologically sophisticated products. One example of these technological innovations is the new rotor blade geometry introduced in 2004. It significantly increases revenue, reduces noise emission and stress on the wind energy converter.

All Enercon installations feature a grid feed system that meets the latest grid connection requirements and can therefore be easily integrated in any supply and distribution structures. Enercon’s concept offers solutions such as reactive power management and voltage control for normal operation as well as for critical situations resulting from network short-circuits or bottlenecks.

Enercon has been setting new standards for technological design for more than 25 years. As one of the world’s leading companies in the wind energy sector and the longstanding leader in the German market, Enercon directly or indirectly employs over 12,000 people worldwide.

With more than 16,000 wind turbines installed in over 30 countries, Enercon is also amongst the leading manufacturers on an international level. Research and Development, as well as Production and Sales are continuously being expanded. In 2010, Enercon reached an export share of more than 60%, gradually increasing over the years to come.

Company founded by Aloys Wobben
Development of the first Enercon wind turbine E-15 / 16 with 55 kW

Construction of the first Enercon wind farm with 10 E-16

Construction of the company’s first own production facility
Development and installation of E-17 / 80 kW as well as E-32 / 300 kW

Development of the gearless Enercon concept (1. prototype)

Launch of serial production of E-40 / 500 kW
Construction of a production plant for serial rotor blade production

Serial production of gearless E-30 / 230 kW in India
Installation of prototype of E-66 / 1,500 kW on company site in Aurich

Purchase of a production plant in Brazil

Installation of a wind-powered desalination plant on Tenerife

Investment in SKET Maschinen- und Anlagenbau GmbH in Magdeburg
Set-up of E-66 / 1,500 kW production in Magdeburg

German Environmental Award presented to Aloys Wobben, Graduate Engineer

Construction of foundations and tower for prototype E-112 / 4,500 kW
Set-up of a new production facility for wind turbines in Magdeburg-Rothensee
Expansion of worldwide production area to 285,000 m2

Set-up of a new production facility for rotor blades in Turkey
Erection of the first E-112 prototype (4,500 kW) in Egeln near Magdeburg

New production facility for E-112 rotor blades in Magdeburg-Rothensee

Erection of the first E-70 / 2 MW with new rotor blade generation
Set-up of production for E-33, E-48 and E-70
Installation of two E-112 in the wind farm Wybelsumer Polder near Emden
Installation of the first "nearshore" E-112 in the Ems

New prefab concrete tower facility in Emden
Expansion of worldwide production area to 370,000m2
Further development of E-112 to 6 MW wind turbine
Successful commissioning of E-82 prototype near Aurich

Building of a new headquarter in Aurich / Germany
Successful implementing of prototypes E-44 and E-53
Further development of the wind turbine E-112 to E-126

New production site in Portugal
Installation of E-126 (6 MW) prototype

Launching and christening E-Ship 1
Laying of foundation stone and start of construction "Guss-Zentrum-Ostfriesland" Georgsheil (Aurich/Germany)