Factory uses own wind turbines to reduce fuel bills

Munster Joinery installed two 2 MW wind turbines last year that now supply up to 30 per cent of the plant’s energy needs – with 100 per cent finance provided by turbine supplier Wind Energy Direct.

Under a "back office" financing scheme, Munster Joinery will buy electricity from the wind turbines from Wind Energy Direct, reducing its exposure to volatile fossil fuel prices and making savings in excess of [euro]1 million over the next five years.

Wind Energy Direct, which described the wind power project as "a hedge against rising in fuel bills", said it had another 50 such schemes for large users of energy in the pipeline.

The wind farm project is one of a number of such "smarter energy" schemes that are also being promoted by electricity giant Siemens and the Department of Energy.

The Energy Show opens in Dublin’s RDS today.

In tandem with industry moves, Minister for Energy Eamon Ryan is proposing to introduce an "obligation" on energy suppliers such as the ESB, Airtricity and an Bord Gais to install and fund energy- saving measures such as extra insulation.

The ESB currently offers a free energy audit to consumers and will advise on where wastage may be eliminated, but the Minister wants energy suppliers to go further and offer to make finance schemes available, which would be paid back incrementally through consumers’ savings on power bills.

By TIM O’BRIEN, Irish Times, www.irishtimes.com 

Wind Energy Direct installs wind turbines on our customers’ business sites. We sell the electricity produced to our customers at a significant discount to their retail rate. It makes excellent financial sense, with the potential to deliver substantial savings to your company with no capital outlay.

Ireland’s First Large Scale Autoproduction Project

Wind Energy Direct is delighted to announce the launch of its 4MW wind energy project on the site of Munster Joinery, Ballydesmond, Co. Cork. This innovative project is the first of its kind in Ireland and marks the beginning of autoproduction for large energy users.

Two Enercon 2MW wind turbines were installed on the production site of Munster Joinery, a leading manufacturer of energy efficient windows and doors. This on-site energy source will provide Munster Joinery with:

* Energy cost savings in excess of €1 million over the next five years
* Provide a significant portion of the company’s energy needs
* Carbon savings of over 9,000 tonnes per annum

Wind Energy Direct operates a ‘build, own and operate’ turnkey business model. The company enables large industry users to benefit from competitively priced carbon-free electricity without any capital outlay.