EVCARCO (OTCBB: EVCA) Initiates Expansion Plan

EVCARCO (OTCBB: EVCA), a publicly held company in electric vehicles, announced the board of directors has approved the appointment of automotive industry expert Bill Williams as Director of Business Development to head up dealer development in North America.

Mr. Williams comes to us as a veteran in the Electric Vehicle Industry. He was involved as a dealer for Trans 2, which became GEM (Global Electric Motors), in 1996. He has developed business models and opened new alternative energy markets for several high profile startup companies.

Mr. Williams was formerly with ZENN Motors Company of Toronto, Canada, where he served as Executive Director of Business Development. He is leaving ZENN Motor Company with a wealth of knowledge from working directly for a manufacturer. He was one of the first employed with ZENN Motor Company in 2005, and responsible for setting up their dealer network.

"I am very excited to join the EVCARCO team. I have learned so much while setting up the dealer network at ZENN Motor Company, and have worked with so many great entrepreneurs in the EV Industry. It’s time to offer consumers as well as fleet managers a ‘one stop shopping’ experience for ALL alternative transportation, but most importantly, pure electric vehicles, as they become available to the marketplace, as well as ‘pre-owned-recycled’ hybrids. Providing a steady stream of certified pre-owned hybrids will not only benefit the customer, but help the dealer have a steady revenue source, while offering the new EVs as they become available for sale."

Dale Long, CEO, EVCARCO, stated, "Bill Williams brings a wealth of knowledge to EVCARCO. His direct experience with the electric car industry and dealer relationships is of great value to our Corporation at this specific stage in our development. Mr. Williams is a wonderful and strategic addition to our Corporation and we anticipate great things from him."

EVCARCO has recently announced its recent success with national media, its strategic relationship with the Federal Government and its latest all Electric Vehicle Alliance.

EVCARCO is the first automotive retail group dedicated to deploying a coast-to-coast network of eco-friendly dealerships and vehicles. EVCARCO is bringing to market the most advanced clean technologies available in plug-in electric and alternative fuel vehicles. EVCARCO has developed a dealer network allowing growth into most US States by 2012.