Enfinity looks into solar, wind energy project in Philippines

The company is currently attracting local partners to develop, finance, constructand operate solar and wind farm projects with a total combined capacity of 500 MW over the next three years.

Enfinity is a fast growing company founded in 2005 with corporate office in Belgium and activities in 19 countries.

It has market leader position in Europe and is a world top 10 player with US$1.5 billion solely for its’ owned and operated power projects. Enfinity turnover grew by 200% from 83.6 in 2008 to 252.0 million euros in 2009 and has over 200 employees. With well established projects and clients in Europe, Enfinity is expanding aggressively into North America and Asia.

In 2008, Enfinity Asia Pacific Limited opened in Hong Kong to handle project development in Asia focusing on countries with very high potential for renewable energy projects in terms of energy resource availability, urgent power requirement and clearly defined government policies.

In 2009, Enfinity have a portfolio of ongoing solar and wind power projects in 14 countries with China and India on the forefront. In India, Enfinity is developing, financing and constructing a 1,000 MWp of photovoltaic solar installation on 3,000 acres in Andhra Pradesh together with Titan Energy Systems.

Gino Van Neer, Enfinity co-founder and Enfinity Asia Pacific CEO says: “The Philippines is one of the most important promoters of renewable energy in the Asian region. The government passed the Renewable Energy Act 9513 which is paving the way for quick development of alternative energy sources. Enfinity sees much opportunities in solar energy which could either be rooftop or land-based installation.

Aside from being clean and inexhaustible, solar has added benefits of fast deployment in most areas, low maintenance cost and scalable capacity-to-need. Solar is an ideal complement to hydro energy sources specially during dry season.

We are eager to team up with local energy companies, land owners near the transmission grid, power cooperatives, local governments in off-grid area and companies with big rooftop to start developing projects.”

Patrick Decuyper, co-founder of solar and wind energy company Enfinity from Waregem (Belgium), wins the Creative Young Entrepreneur Award (CYEA), an international entrepreneur award of Flanders DC and JCI. It is surprising that, although the award was established in Flanders (in 2005) through a cooperation between Flanders DC and JCI, it is the first time a Fleming has won it.