Cyprus first wind farm has a capacity of 82 MW

The first of 41 wind generators with a combined production capacity of 82 MW has gone up at the Oreites wind farm near Paphos, as part of the island’s ambitious plans to produce energy from alternative sources, such as solar and wind energy.
Construction work at the site started in August 2009 and is expected to be concluded and fully operational by the end of May, employing 150 people, primarily from the nearby villages.

The EUR 200 mln wind power project is the biggest of its kind in the eastern Mediterranean and comprise Danish-made Vestas wind turbines installed and operated by DK Windsupply Ltd., one of the first alternative electricity suppliers on the island.

The Cyprus Wind Energy Association (SAEK), a member of the European body, EWEA, said in an announcement that the project’s contribution to nearby communities is significant, as the wind farm’s communication needs obliged the company to invest EUR 450,000 in a high-speed ADSL line from Kouklia to Archimandrita, with the nearby villages also benefiting.

“Construction, support and public services have employed more than 200 people for this project, which goes to show that the energy sector is a good contributor to the local economy in times of crisis,” the Association said.

“In addition, the nearby communities will also benefit from a 2% share of the annual income of such wind parks and will create new jobs for the operation of the plants,” the announcement said, concluding that “the government must continue to support the private investments, such as those of the other members of our Association.

The promotion of power generation from alternative sources of energy should become a national and environmental priority for the state and for Cyprus as a whole.”