Electric Scooters and Motorcycles to Accelerate a New Culture for Eco-friendly Mobility

Electric scooters and motorcycles offer smart, eco-friendly and accessible mobility options for urban transportation. Thanks to a rapidly developing re-charging infrastructure and innovative design, they have the potential to meet consumer demand and pave the way for innovative micro mobility solutions in Europe’s developing mega cities.

New analysis from Frost & Sullivan (http://www.automotive.frost.com), 360 Degree Analysis of the European Electric Scooters and Motorcycles Market, finds that consumer interests and technology significantly drive the market.

"Government incentives and infrastructure support, simple designs for personal transportation, an aging population, and an evolving environmental ethic will drive the European electric scooter and motorcycles market," says Frost & Sullivan Research Analyst Sandeep Chandrasekaran. "Changing mobility patterns, decongestion of cities, a shift towards eco-friendly transportation, development of mega cities, and integrated mobility will also spur growth in this market."

However, electric scooters and motorcycles require greater investment and involve higher running costs than gas-powered two-wheelers. This is a concern for the consumer in terms of cost of ownership. Additionally, imports of low-quality inexpensive electric scooters from Asian markets, compete with high quality reliable electric scooters and motorcycles, vehicle manufacturers are looking to offer to European consumers. Vehicle manufacturers, suppliers and other stakeholders in the industry should look to work together towards standardising motor and battery technologies to make electric scooters and motorcycles more affordable.

"The cost competitiveness of pedelecs (electric bikes) and powered two-wheelers influences consumer purchasing decision," explains Frost & Sullivan Global Program Manager Krishnasami Rajagopalan. "To rival low quality cheap products, vehicle manufacturers should look at product differentiation by offering consumers electric scooters and motorcycles with advanced reliable technology and higher autonomy."

Technology should be standardised through a unified approach between battery suppliers, infrastructure providers and vehicle manufacturers. The government should look at promoting electric scooters and motorcycles with incentives or subsidies while vehicle manufacturers should consider new business models, such as battery leasing, to bring down initial purchase costs and battery maintenance/replacement costs for consumers. "There is a burgeoning demand for integrated mobility and first/last mile connectivity solutions in developing urban cities and pedelecs offer an ideal solution for sustainable, eco-friendly mobility of the future," concludes Rajagopalan.

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