Solar Euromed signed an agreement for a 2 GW Solar in Sudan

Solar Euromed, a French pioneering company in Concentrating Solar Power (CSP), announced that it has entered into an exclusive agreement with the Ministry of Energy and Mining of the Republic of Sudan for the development, construction and operation of a 2000 MW Solar Power Plants Program that will be implemented over the next decade.

The first two projects of respectively 100 MW and 150 MW are expected to enter in operations by 2013/2014. With an opportunity to provide affordable power and water supply to several affected Sudanese regions, including the Darfur region, both projects will contribute to the stabilization and the development of the Sudanese population.

Using the Sun as a free raw material, structures made out of metal and glass, and completely greenhouse gas emission-free, Concentrated Solar Power is a sustainable and environmentally-friendly solution to produce a clean and renewable energy. The latest forecast of the International Energy Agency (IEA) shows that this technology will experience a very steep growth in the coming years to reach up to 11% of the world total electricity installed capacity by 2050.

“The Solar Program in Sudan may well become a new world-class model by integrating renewable energy resources in the surrounding land while producing dispatchable electricity and water. And it could easily be extended to countries with similar climates. We expect that it will provide a mean of meeting the urgent demand for food in the region by creating suitable land for agricultural production. Going beyond the necessary humanitarian assistance, it offers Sudanese people a sustainable solution to contribute to their own development.” commented Dr Omer Mohammed Kheir, Secretary General of the Ministry of Energy and Mining of the Republic of Sudan.

Solar Euromed, a French leader in Concentrated Solar Power, developer of the Alba Nova program located in the heart of the Corsica island in France, is a CSP technology provider and an integrated developer of Concentrated Solar Power plants thanks to an extensive experience in managing the lifecycle of power plant and solar energy technology and equipments.

Omene Energy signs 500 megawatt wind farm with Sudan

The first wind power generation is planned in mid 2011, to be installed along the Coast of the Red Sea in phases of 100 MW each. The construction is part of an ambitious expansion plan by the NEC, which will reach 17,000 MW in 2030 from 1000 MW in 2007. Wind energy has considerable resources in Sudan. Experience in wind energy in Sudan was started since 1950s, where 250 small wind turbines had been installed in El Gezira.