China Innovation in Building Low-carbon Society

After the closure of China’s annual "Two Sessions", the "low-carbon economy guidance" unexpectedly wasn’t released, but the Government’s ambition in promoting clean energy, emission reduction, and low-carbon development as long term goal didn’t change. China Innovation Investment Limited ("China Innovation", Stock Code: 1217.HK) as the first investment expert focuses on the dual-use of ‘Three – New Industry’ in the local capital market, is actively involved in the new technologies like solar energy, and LED, and assists in forming a low-carbon society.

The annual meetings of the full sessions of both the National People’s Congress (NPC) and the Chinese People’s Political Consultative Conference (CPPCC) took place in Beijing early this month, the proposal on promoting China’s low-carbon economy development submitted by Jiusan Society to CPPCC had been ranked as the first issue to be solved.

It’s no doubt that Two Sessions’ focus had concentrated on low-carbon economy, environmental protection and new energy resources, which form China’s future direction. Though the Government finally didn’t release the "low-carbon economy guidance", its ambition never changes.

Since the Copenhagen conference was held last year, the Governmenthas already highlighted its stand on emission reduction. China as a large energy producer in the world, its prosperity in solar and geothermal energy actually helps in developing low-carbon economy. It’s believed that the "low-carbon economy guidance" now undergoes the last phrase, and hopefully can be released shortly.

In fact, new energy resources like wind power and solar energy serve as a motor in promoting low-carbon concept. UBS, the investment bank predicted earlier that, green sector wouldbecome the main focus for the next economic cycle, which would last for a relatively longer time, especially the potential outlook on wind energy and solar power would be outperformed.

As the first investment expert focuses on the dual-use of ‘Three -New Industry’ including "New Energy Resources", "New Light Resources" and "New Materials" in the local capital market, China Innovation put a lot of effort on environmental protecting sector, and assists to build up a harmony society with the Government’s low carbon policy.

Mr. Xiang Xin, the Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of the Company explained, "New Energy Resources" indicates the unlimited clean energy, such as solar, wind turbines and geothermal energy, while "New Light Resources" represents the luminous semi-conductor LED products. Unlike the traditional florescent light tube, semi-conductor won’t produce pollutants, with its luminous characteristic, LED is generally more environmental friendly but with less power consumption. And "New Materials" stands for energy saving stuff, for example the multi-layer low temperature LTCC, it performs well in insulation, conduction and energy saving.

China Innovation’s investment strategy is to play all the roles in upper, middle and lower stream through the involvement in "New Energy Resources", "New Light Resources" and "New Materials", and form a synergistic one-stop setting. The Company is still looking for investment opportunities in new technologies like solar energy, wind energy, geothermal energy, as well as LED, to outline a completed industry chain of energy conservation and assist in building a low-carbon society.

China Innovation Investment Limited ("China Innovation", Stock Code:, as an investment expert in the field of dual-use technology and energy-saving industry, focuses on ‘Three-New Industries’, including "New Energy Resources", "New Light Resources" and "New Materials", promotes the military high-tech environment-friendly products to the civil market and wins a vast potential for future development. The Company is listed on The Main Board of The Stock Exchange of Hong Kong Limited ("the stock Exchange") on 28 August 2002.