EDP to build wind farm in Brazil

The laying of the first stone of the wind farm is due to take place Wednesday in Tramandaí, a city 120 kilometres from Porto Alegre, the capital of the state of Rio Grande do Sul.

With a wind power capacity of 70 megawatts, the new wind farm will position the Portuguese group at the “top of the wind energy operators in Brazil” said the deputy chairman of EDP, Miguel Setas.

Currently, EDP operates 14 megawatts in two wind farms in the state of Santa Catarina, also in southern Brazil. Construction of the wind farm is part EDP’s investment plan worth some 2 billion reals over the next two years in Brazil.

Between 2005 and 2012 EDP is expected to quadruple its installed capacity to around 2,177 megawatts, which would be “the biggest percentage growth in the Brazilian electricity sector,” chairman António Pita de Abreu said.

In Brazil Energias do Brazil controls distribution companies, Bandeirante (Sao Paulo), Escelsa (Esprito Santo state) and Enersul (Mato Grosso do Sul), as well as generation companies, EDP Lajeado, Energesy and Enerpeixe, and sales company Enertrade.

EDP Renováveis (EDP Renewables, Euronext: EDPR), a global leader in the renewable energy sector and fourth largest producer of wind energy in the world, announced a net profit of €114m in 2009, 10% up on 2008’s €104m profit.

The project pipeline grew by 3.9 GW to 32.1 GW, of which 739 MW are already under construction. This year, EDPR has already committed to projects in Italy and in the UK offshore wind plan, where it was awarded 1.3GW in partnership with SeaEnergy in a highly contested bidding round.

2009 total investment value amounted to €1,846m of which €826m (45%) were allocated to the US and €1,020m (55%) to Europe. In the US, EDPR successfully monetised $687m of tax incentives. EDP holds significant electricity and gas operations in Europe, Brazil and the United States.