Electric Buses, Vans and Trucks Market – Depot Based Delivery Vehicles Expected to Account for 70 Per Cent of Overall Electrification Share

Depot based delivery vehicles are ideal candidates for electrification as they operate on limited range with frequent stop-and-go routes. The availability of incentives at both local and national levels is driving the adoption of e-cv. Light vans and trucks are the main electric vehicles available today, however, as lithium ion batteries technology improves, we will see increased adoption of electric vehicles across light medium and heavy commercial vehicle sectors.
To provide unique insights into the e-cv market, the Automotive & Transportation Group at Frost & Sullivan (www.transportation.frost.com) is pleased to announce that it will be hosting an online analyst briefing presentation on Wednesday, 31 March, 2010 at 3:00 pm BST.

Highlights of the briefing include information on market players, opportunity analysis, and projected future market growth, incentives and challenges.

By discussing emerging trends and providing forward projections for the European and North American Electric Commercial Vehicles market, this briefing will benefit commercial vehicle manufacturers, battery outfitters, and fleet owners.

"On an optimistic note, Frost & Sullivan analysis shows that close to 4 per cent of the total commercial vehicles sold by 2015 will be electric. Vans and light trucks offer the maximum electrification potential in both US and Europe," says Vishnu Muralidharan, Senior Research Analyst at Frost & Sullivan’s Automotive Practice.

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