Wave energy technology was tested in Spain

Spain is developing a new wave energy technology, which, according to its designers, will significantly increase (by approximately 170%) both the capacity per single area and energy generation, compared to other competing technologies.

This system, named WELCOME (Wave Energy Lift Converter Multiple España), was proposed by Pipo Systems and will be developed by a consortium established between Spanish-based Anortec and two public research institutes: the Plataforma de Canarias Oceanic and Consorcio Escuela Industrial Barcelona. The Science and Innovation Ministry has recently awarded a public grant worth 2.1 million euros.

WELCOME is based on technology developed by Pipo Systems consisting of a multiple system of buoys, placed at sea level and underwater, at varying and adjustable depths.

According to its designers, the system can simultaneously harness potential, kinetic and pressure wave energy, unlike traditional technologies that only use one of these sources, separately.

The project is currently in the demonstration phase: a 100-150 kW prototype is being constructed in a 1:5 scale, which will be installed in the Canary Islands.

The first industrial plants, to be installed in Galicia (in the northwest of Spain), will consist of several devices in array, which can reach a capacity of 10-20 MW and generate between 30 and 60 million kWh per year.