Pescarmona, Isolux, Emgasud, Eurnekian, PAE and Invap bid for the Argentina wind power

The opening of bids for Generation Program for Renewable Energy (Genre) left as a result a total of 48 proposals by almost 1370 MW. As the total quota of 1,015 MW, ENARSA now have to define what the appropriate projects and how the quota is divided among offers that surpassed expectations.

Pescarmona submitted 10 proposals for wind farms while Isolux and Emgasud nuzzled 4 each.

According to game rules, bidders will recover the investment with purchase contracts for electricity that will last 15 years. For the evaluation of wind farm projects will take into account four key variables: the rate of energy applied, the time of work, the capacity of the wind farms and the local component of the wind turbines and manpower.

The deals left the following scenario:

Wind energy: Proposals totaled 1,132 MW against a quota of 500 MW. The required fees range from U.S. $119 and $175 per MWh. And the timing of installation of wind turbines are between 330 and 1080 days.

Biofuels: There were 7 bids for 151 MW against a quota of 150 MW. To produce biomass, was presented 3 bids for 52 MW against 100 MW required.

Solar power: There are 4 bids for 22.2 MW and the share is 20 MW.

Small hydro: For the quota of 60 MW, there were only 5 offers by 10.5 MW.

The system for promoting the use of renewable energy for electricity generation was established by Law 26,190.

The law was regulated by Decree 526/09, which states that in 10 years by 8% in electricity consumption has to be supplied from alternative energy resources. This tender-charge of the state falls into Enarsa- is part of GENRES program, which provides for the development of environmentally friendly energy, reduced emissions of greenhouse gases, diversifying the energy matrix, promotion of savings regional and national industry development.