Maldives signs for 25-megawatt wind power plant with WinWinD

The agreement was made with the Finnish company WinWinD, Ministry of Housing Transport and Environment said.

According to the Ministry, experts of the wind turbines company visited Maldives before signing the wind energy agreement, to conduct a detailed research in South Central Province.

Maldives got the wind power project for its ambition to become the first carbon neutral country and its commitment to renewable energy use, the Ministry added.

Winwind Ltd supplies one and three megawatt wind turbines based on the low speed technology. The most significant benefits obtained have been operating reliability and high availability.

An advanced planetary gear solution and low speed synchronous generator form the heart of the concept, which combines the reliability of a modern direct drive and the compactness of the traditional high speed gear system. Low rotational speed together with the proper dimensioning ensures reliability and high availability.

WinWinD head office is located in Espoo, Finland, with assembly plants in Finland and India.