The first Nordex wind power systems to be installed in Pakistan this year

Nordex has signed a contract with FFC Energy Limited, Rawalpindi, for the delivery of a 50 MW wind farm. Known as “Jhimpir”, the wind farm is to be built in the province of Sindh, where Pakistan is planning to establish new capacity of around 4,600 megawatts.

The average wind speed at the site of the planned project is 7.8 meters per second. FFC has therefore opted for the Nordex S77/1500 series, which is specially designed for medium-strong wind conditions. Nordex will be supplying “hot climate” versions of the wind turbines, which are to be produced at its facilities in China.

The 33 wind turbines are to be delivered soon after tariff approval from NEPRA (National Electric Power Regulatory Authority) and signing of the wind energy purchase agreement.

Nordex assumes that wind energy installation work will commence this summer. FFC is planning to build further wind power stations to cover the growing demand for renewable energies. To this end, it has already obtained a Letter of Intent for another 100 MW of wind farms from the government.

At the beginning of 2010, the number of Nordex wind turbines installed since 1985 passed the 4,000 mark. Of the globally installed nominal wind energy output of 5.67 GW, some 52% is accounted for by the multi-megawatt wind turbines.