Wild Brush Energy and Energoconsult Sign Commercial Scale Wind Farm Agreement

Energoconsult’s signing is essential for the assessment of crucial wind measurement data, site planning and analysis forecasts vital for maximum wind farm productivity.

Energoconsult Ltd. performs research, assessment, optimization and the utilization of alternative energy sources such as wind power. The company has the necessary equipment, specialists, experience and professionalism to research the opportunities for utilizing wind turbines in perspective areas. The experts are highly qualified professionals and team workers.

The Wild Brush Energy Wind Project in planning would optimally be around 120 MW in size and cost an estimated $270 million in development expenditures. Once completed, this Wind Energy Park would supply upwards of 290,000 MWh of electricity annually. This is enough green energy to supply over 40,000 homes with electricity and offset nearly 260,000 tons of Greenhouse gases.

Total gross electric sales over a 20-year period are estimated at over $800 million for a project this size.

Wild Brush Energy Inc. is a diversified energy company whose goal is to identify and develop clean air energy producing alternatives. Wild Brush is presently exploring green energy producing opportunities such as large scale Commercial Wind Farms, Solar Energy Paneling prospects, and Small Scale Hydro Electric projects; both within North America and abroad.

Wild Brush Wind Energy is a viable and mature business model and our goal is to run successful wind farm operations. In addition to building and managing wind parks, we will be also providing the following services:

* Site selection
* Land rights acquisition
* Permit acquisition
* Environmental commodities
* Environmental permitting
* Construction
* Power sales agreements
* Marketing
* Project Financing
* Engineering, design and procurement

Wind Energy, a clean and renewable source of electric power, is also the world’s fastest growing energy source. The governments of United States and Canada and other industrialized nations around the world are increasingly recognizing the value of wind energy as vital component of long term, sustainable economic and environmental well being, as well as security of energy price and supply.

Governments are rewarding the wind industry with incentives and green energy programs that support long term, affordable, efficient and clean energy from renewable wind resources. At the same time enlightened and forward looking companies have established renewable energy business units and investment portfolios that address corporate policy and future economic sustainability, as well as financial performance.