Nissan presents Nissan technology square’ in Australia

At the Nissan Technology Square, Nissan will showcase how the company’s automotive technologies address the environment, safety and innovation. Nissan’s new electric vehicles, LEAF, will be on display for the first time in the Southern Hemisphere.

Visitors can experience examples of Nissan’s innovation and the future of automobiles through the exhibition, interactive displays and demonstrations.

"We aim to start introduction of electric car LEAF in Australia by 2012. Our aim is for the Australian people to gain more awareness of Zero-emission mobility while enjoying LEAF as well as our advanced and friendly technologies. Both environment and safety are important factors for Nissan not only as an automotive company but as a citizen in a sustainable society," said Dan Thompson, Managing Director of Nissan Australia.

Maintaining the temperature of lithium ion batteries within an acceptable range is important in order to preserve battery life. Instead of an active cooling system, the electric car Leaf uses a simple fan to push air through the battery pack.

In addition to the battery life, there are also concerns about the Leaf’s 100-mile driving range being overly optimistic. The Leaf is also an all electric vehicle, without any kind of range-extending on-board generator, unlike the Volt or hybrids like the Toyota Prius.

Australia joins other major world economies like India, Dubai and Korea in staging Technology Square. At the exhibition booth, Nissan is going to hold programs for university students to share Nissan’s current and advanced automotive technologies.

Nissan to open new design studio in Beijing

Nissan (China) Investment Co., Ltd. (NCIC), a Nissan subsidiary in China, today announced the expansion of its global design resources with the establishment of a new design studio in Beijing.

"With the addition of 20 designers, Nissan’s new studio will enhance our design capabilities, as well as our product competitiveness in China and Asia where the automotive industry continues to see robust growth," said Shiro Nakamura, chief creative officer and senior vice president of design and brand. "Locating the studio where our customers live and work allows us to best respond to their needs and design vehicles that exceed their expectations."

Scheduled to open early in 2011, the studio in the Chao Yang district of Beijing will be the first design facility in China established by a Japanese automaker. As a trendsetting city with an expanding design community that includes a number of up-and-coming automotive designers, Beijing was a natural choice for a design studio for Nissan.

The studio will be part of the global network of Nissan design centers, which includes two facilities in Japan (Atsugi and Harajuku), one in the United States (San Diego, Calif.) and one in the United Kingdom (London).

NCIC plans to invest RMB 11.76 million (USD: 1.7 million) in the new studio.