Welsh Assembly Government launches its Low Carbon Revolution

This was the message from Environment Minister, Jane Davidson who was speaking at the launch of the Welsh Assembly Government’s new Energy Policy Statement, A Low Carbon Revolution.

The strategy sets out the Assembly Government’s ambitions to accelerate the transition to a low carbon energy economy in Wales and provides the detail of how this will be achieved.

It sets out a three tiered approach which focuses on maximising energy savings and efficiency, moving to resilient low carbon electricity production via secure indigenous renewable forms of energy such as marine, wind energy, water and biomass, and ensuring that the transition to low carbon energy maximises opportunities for practical green jobs and skills.

The Minister launched the Energy Policy Statement at a visit to Solutia, a chemical manufacturing company based in Newport, who have invested in leading edge renewable technology to help them meet their business needs.

Whilst at Solutia the Minister also officially opened two wind turbines which have recently been constructed on site to provide up to one third of Solutia’s electricity needs.

Speaking about the Energy Policy Statement, the Minister said: “I believe that Wales should be at the forefront of the transition to a low carbon energy as part of the global fight against climate change. Energy – how we generate it and use it – is the key to meeting this challenge."

“The Energy Statement details how Wales has the potential to produce twice the amount of electricity it currently uses from renewable sources by 2025 – with about 40% coming from Marine, a third from wind turbines and the rest from sustainable bio-mass power or smaller projects using wind farm, solar energy, hydro or indigenous biomass."

“The potential is truly inspiring and I am confident that our Low Carbon Revolution will provide the right framework to realise this potential. Wales once led the way in carbon-based energy. Our goal now is to do the same for low carbon energy."

Peter Davies, Commissioner for Wales for the Sustainable Development Commission (SDC) said: “We urgently need to ensure a secure, affordable, low carbon energy supply. Wales is well placed to use the opportunity of renewable energy to renew the economy. I welcome this statement as it gives a clear message of the way ahead for businesses, the public sector and communities so that through investment, this potential can be turned into reality."

“I am particularly pleased that the statement tackles the two key energy themes identified by our Low Carbon Wales report: retrofitting the existing housing stock to vastly improve energy efficiency and the commitment to low carbon energy generation. This is an important part of building a stronger economy, with great potential for jobs.”