Nordex to launch Gamma wind turbines generation

Comprising the N80, N90 and N100 wind power systems, this efficiency class combines the latest research and development with technical know-how and experience from a decade of producing and operating multi-megawatt wind turbines to meet today’s market requirements.

In the development of the Gamma generation, Nordex has remained true to proven principles, using tested series engineering and assigning top priority to the dependability of all system components. Explains Dr. Eberhard Voss, CTO at Nordex: “The Gamma generation particularly sets new standards in availability, ease of service and quality as well as delivery and installation times. As far as grid compliance is concerned, it satisfies all prerequisites necessary to qualify for the System Service bonus (SDL bonus) in Germany.”

The N80/2500, N90/2500 and N100/2500 wind turbines are based on a common technical platform. A consistent modular design allows Nordex to add type-specific components and customer options.

The modular concept and the maximum component weight of 50 tonnes make it possible to transport turbines to anywhere in the world and speed up both installation and service of the machines. Nordex has redesigned the nacelle, hub and rotor blades in the new generation to be both lighter and more robust. This also simplifies transportation and installation, while simultaneously reducing the static and dynamic loads on the overall wind turbine.

Nordex has further redesigned the rotor shaft and integrated the slip ring in the interests of achieving a long service life. In this way, the slip ring is protected from the weather and mechanical influences. Further, it is heated to stop condensation from forming.

In the yaw system Nordex has further developed its proprietary control system. The loads are evenly distributed over three to four yaw drives and the nacelle can track the wind dependably even at turbulent sites. An improved concept for temperature control ensures maximum yield in both permafrost and desert climates.

The 2.5 MW wind turbines feature excellent control of reactive power capability which stabilises the frequency of the public grid. The wind power systems can continue to operate during transient voltage dips or surges (Fault Ride-Through). Certified for the grids of the most demanding international markets, the turbines can also be flexibly adapted to new and complex connection requirements.

Priority has also been given to the ease of service. Low maintenance and maintenance-free components support dependable wind turbine operation and speed up routine service work. Components subject to high stress, such as the rotor and generator bearings as well as the point where the gears mesh in the pitch and yaw systems, are protected by separate automatic lubricating systems.

The nacelle and the hub are generously sized from an ergonomic point of view. Uninterrupted working areas with sufficient space and light support fast and safe servicing. All the components can be directly accessed and, up to a weight of one tonne, can be simply and inexpensively maintained with the aid of a new crane system.

Nordex now operating as a European public limited company (SE)

New legal form underlines international orientation

In May 2009 the Annual General Meeting approved the conversion of Nordex Aktiengesellschaft into a public limited company in European law. Since 4 March 2010 Nordex AG has been registered as Nordex SE (“Societas Europaea”) with the registry court of Rostock.

The legal form SE will make it possible for Nordex to grow more easily and more economically in Europe in the future. This is where our core market is located: in fiscal 2009 Europe accounted for approximately 82 percent of the Nordex Group’s total revenues.

“With this new legal form we are underlining the international character of our company vis-à-vis customers and business partners, and acting as pioneers in the wind energy sector”, said Thomas Richterich, CEO of Nordex SE. The changeover will not result in any changes in operating activities and the structures that proved so successful for Nordex AG will be continued in the SE.