Mastevolt Lithium-Ion powers new generation electric launch from Frauscher

The first example of this collaboration will be unveiled by Miss Austria at the Austrian Boat Show on 4th March, 2010. Located beside the beautiful Lake Traunsee, Frauscher has been a leading manufacturer of electric boats since the 1950s, and won the coveted ‘European Powerboat of the Year 2010 Award’ for the conventionally-powered Frauscher 717GT.

The Company is actively promoting electric propulsion, and has produced boats capable of maintaining 17 knots for over an hour on batteries alone. It has also recently launched a fuel cell version that uses solar generated hydrogen.

Their latest model, the 6.5m (21ft) Frauscher 650 Alassio, is fully electrically propelled, with power coming from Mastervolt’s MLI24/160 Lithium-Ion battery. As Lithium weighs less than water, these revolutionary batteries can provide 4.3kWh for just 48kg each, which not only saves a huge amount of weight, but also takes up less room. They can also be repeatedly deep discharged by up to 80% over 2000 cycles without harm, making them perfect for electrical propulsion.

Mastervolt specializes in complete electrical systems, so the Frauscher 650 Alassio will also have an integrated Mastervolt battery charger using the MasterBus communication network to constantly monitor the battery bank. This will ensure that charging times are as fast and efficient as possible, allowing far more time on the water, and with maximum range.

“We are delighted that the Mastervolt Lithium-Ion system will be offered as an option on the Frauscher 650 Alassio,” said Marc Persoon, Mastervolt’s Marketing Manager. “We are actively developing our entire product range to be fully compatible with the new demands for electric and hybrid technologies. As part of a managed system, the Lithium-Ion batteries are perfect. They supply peak current almost to exhaustion, and weigh a fraction of conventional lead-acid batteries, making the boat far lighter, and therefore more easily driven.”

The Frauscher 650 Alassio will have four engine options: 4.3kW (6hp), 6kW (9hp), 25kW (38hp) and 40kW and will weigh in at a very respectable 1,000kg (3,520lbs).

The boat has a classic open launch design, and will compliment the rest of Frauscher’s range of sleekly styled and head-turning powerboats, with the added advantage of being almost silent in operation.

Mastervolt is world leader in the supply of electrical power solutions to marine, mobile, and solar markets and has a worldwide presence in more than 80 countries.