TPS Temperature Testing Chamber for Lithium Ion Batteries

Thermal Product Solutions, a division of SPX Corporation, recently engineered a Tenney test chamber specifically designed for temperature testing of lithium ion batteries. The test chamber prevents the auto-ignition of the lithium ion batteries and their components by limiting the maximum temperature of the chamber.

The test chamber provides a thermal protection system with a built-in alarm system. In the event of out of tolerance temperatures, the system protects the lithium ion batteries under test and prevents damage to the chamber.

The chamber temperature can cycle within a temperature range of -75C and 125C (-94F to 257F). The chambers are capable of cycling from the ambient air temperature to 105C within 20 minutes.

For temperature-only applications, the Tenney chamber is equipped with a Watlow F4 digital controller that features a high definition display. The programmable controller lets the operator create a test profile of temperature versus time. For applications that require humidity control, the chamber can be equipped with a Tenney VersaTenn 3 or 5 controller.

These test chambers are built upon the Tenney JR temperature test chambers. They are designed to have an ample interior workspace with a compact exterior to help maximize floor space within the test lab.

As part of SPX Corp., a Fortune-500 company, TPS has emerged as a global leader in the design and manufacture of industrial ovens, environmental simulation, heat treating, photovoltaic and pharmaceutical equipment.