OSIsoft Chosen for Two New Experimental REpower MM92 Large-Power Wind Turbines

Data will be used to assess the impact of nordic conditions on wind power generation, to measure wind energy potential, and to forecast wind farm energy capability.

OSIsoft announces that it will supply and install the PI System, a data collection and archiving software infrastructure, on two new turbines that will be set up at the Site nordique expérimental en éolien CORUS (the "Wind Energy TechnoCentre") in Gaspé, Quebec. OSIsoft’s system will help the R&D and technology transfer teams as well as corporate partners at the Wind Energy TechnoCentre’s to collect data for assessing the impact of nordic conditions on the generation of wind power, to develop equipment that will perform efficiently under these conditions, and to test this equipment before it is brought to market. The OSIsoft application suite will also be used to assess wind energy potential, and to forecast wind farm energy capability in a nordic environment.

The PI System will be connected to the turbine control system and weather towers in order to test the "Cold Climate" version of German manufacturer REPower’s MM92 large-power wind turbines under severe conditions. The data that are collected will be studied in order to determine the factors that characterize ice formation on the turbines, and will be used as a guide in the development of products suited to nordic conditions, such as turbines, lubricants, software, and other products.

Francis Pelletier, Senior Wind Power Project Management for the Wind Energy TechnoCentre noted: "In view of its power, versatility and stability, OSIsoft’s PI System will clearly be the central tool around which all R&D projects associated with the two new experimental REPower wind turbines will revolve."

The selection of OSIsoft as the supplier of real-time production data management technology in a leading-edge facility such as the Wind Energy TechnoCentre confirms OSIsoft’s leadership position in the energy sector. OSIsoft is world-renowned for its PI System, a data acquisition system that is currently installed at 17 of the largest wind farm owners and operators in the world, and at more than 75% of all wind farm owners and operators in the US.

About OSIsoft – OSIsoft (www.osisoft.com) delivers the PI System, the industry standard in enterprise infrastructure, for management of real-time data and events. With installations in 107 countries spanning the globe, the OSIsoft PI System is used in manufacturing, energy, utilities, life sciences, data centers, critical facilities, and the chemical process industries. This global installed base relies upon the OSIsoft PI System to safeguard data and deliver enterprise-wide visibility into operational, manufacturing and business data. The PI System enables users to manage assets, mitigate risks, comply with regulations, improve processes, drive innovation, make business decisions in real time, and to identify competitive business and market opportunities. Founded in 1980, OSIsoft, LLC is headquartered in San Leandro, CA, with operations worldwide and is privately held.

The Wind Energy TechnoCentre is a non-for-profit organisation that fosters the development of an industrial wind energy network in Québec, able to compete on North American and world stages, while valorising the Gaspé Peninsula and Magdalen Islands as being central to this emerging niche of Québec’s economy.

Surrounded by wind parks in high altitude in the Gaspé Peninsula, the Wind Energy TechnoCentre is dedicated to research, development and technology transfer. Its location make the research centre a unique natural laboratory to study the impact of the Nordic environment for the use of wind energy. The Wind Energy TechnoCentre is a member of the Wind Energy Strategic Network (WESNet) which includes 16 Canadian universities and industrial partners and is recognised as a College Centre for the Transfer of Technologies (CCTT).