Leo Motors Bought Electric Bus and Truck Company

Leo Motors, Inc. (OTC: LEOM), an automotive company engaged in the development, manufacture, and marketing of electric vehicles (“EVs”) and EV components, has acquired a half interest plus all management rights of Leo BnT Co., Ltd., a Korean Corporation.

The newly acquired company will convert existing Internal Combustion Engine buses and trucks into electric ones and it will make its own designs of electric buses and trucks in the future. Leo BnT will use Leo’s digital automobile technologies.

The problems of existing electric buses have included an inability to run long distances up steep hills; sudden power loss immediately after achieving peak power, batteries that fail to work properly after charging several months, and prohibitive expense.

Leo BnT made a prototype of a full speed electric bus using LEOM’s technology. The bus ran more than 65 mph and demonstrated that it can run more than 60 miles per single charge. Leo BnT’s electric bus also did not experience a loss of power despite high speeds and navigation of 30-degree steep elevation mountain roads.

Leo Motors has developed electric power for the electrification of various vehicles including scooters, motorcycles, full speed sedans, and highway speed buses. Leo Motors is also developing refuelable zinc air fuel cell.