RMD Technologies Announces Plans to Manufacturer Electric Vehicles from E-Waste

“We began exploring the possibility of manufacturing small electric vehicles using recovered electronic waste in 2007”, stated company President Patrick Galliher “and have since developed an efficient methodology for producing these ‘Green Vehicles’ using a high percentage of E-Waste. We feel that this ‘Triple Green’ product is perfect for today’s environmentally conscious businesses and consumers”.

Triple Green refers the electric cars use of recycled materials, clean electric power and the supplemental solar power on these vehicles.

They have been working on our “proof of concept” vehicle for over two years and are now moving to the next phase of vehicle development. This phase will involve factory site selection, manufacture of prototypes and selection of suppliers for non-proprietary sub assemblies.

RMDT has applied for and received preliminary approval from the SAE as an EV manufacturer.

According to Galliher “RMDT expects our electric car to qualify for all federal and state tax incentives, including the current federal tax credit available under the Energy Improvement and Extension Act of 2008.”

RMDT plans on launching sales of these new electric vehicles during the fourth quarter of 2010 with delivery of the first units soon after.

RMD Technologies, Inc. is a California based business founded in 2001. Since inception, RMDT has provided electronics recycling services to businesses, state and federal agencies.

In 2007 RMDT began the development of an alternative energy vehicle using a large percentage of materials recycled from electronic waste. The result is a small electric vehicle design that incorporates recycled materials, clean electric energy and solar energy.