Omene Energy signs 500 megawatt wind farm MOU with NEC Sudan

The NATIONAL ELECTRICITY CORPORATION of the Republic of Sudan; And Omene Energy Africa, Moga Investments has formed a Joint Venture with OMENE Holding LLC, headed by Franklin Omene and its Sudan based affiliate OMENE Moga Investment Ltd, headed by both Franklin Omene of Omene Holdings LLC based in Dubai and Mohd Mirghoni Elsadig under the name of Omene Moga Sudan.

Announce that both entities have signed an MOU (Memorandum of Understanding) for the development, construction and operation of 500 MW wind power to be installed along the Coast of the Red Sea in phases of 100 MW each.

The installation will be realized under an IPP (independent Power Producer) structure. The first wind power generation is planned in mid 2011.

The construction is part of an ambitious expansion plan by the NEC, which will reach 17,000 MW in 2030 from 1000 MW in 2007. It will bring electricity to millions of households in Sudan, where to date some 80% is yet electrified.

Both Companies strongly believe that electricity is an essential requirement to bring economic and social development. "We are excited very excited about this amazing opportunity, and to be part of working with a developing country to realize their dream of what we always take for granted the needs of elecrity. We believe this the Wind Power Project will enhance the lives or the people of Sudan." Said Franklin Omene CEO Omene Holdings Dubai and Director Aeolus Sudan.

By signing the MoU (Memorandum of Understanding), the Sudanese Government has opened the windows for further growth of the renewable energy sector of the country; NEC Sudan is committed to building wind energy infrastructure, which emphasis the benefits wind energy has on the environment.

This wind farm will create employment and bring quality of life for the Sudanese people.

Wind energy has considerable resources in Sudan where the annual average wind speeds exceeds 5 ms in the most parts north latitude 12° ’N, and along the Nile valley. While the southern regions have the poorest potential because of the prevailing low wind speeds.
Experience in wind energy in Sudan was started since 1950s, where 250 wind pumps from Australian government, had been installed in El Gezira Agricultural Scheme for water pumping. But due to difficulties of obtaining spare-parts and availability of diesel pumps, these machines were not working now.

In the last 15 years Energy Research Institute (ERI) installed 15 CWD 5000 wind pumps around Khartoum area, northern state, and eastern state. Now ERI with cooperation of Sudanese Agricultural Bank (SAB) introduced 60 wind pumps to be use for water pumping in agricultural schemes, but not yet manufactured due to lack of financial support.

Sudan is the largest country of the African continent, with an area of approximately one million square miles (2.5 million km2). It extending between latitudes 3°’N and 23°’N, and longitudes 21° 45’ ’E and 39°’E. Sudan is a relatively sparsely populated country. The total population was 42.3 million inhabitants.

Mean wind speeds of 4.5 ms-1 are available over 50% of Sudan, which well suited for water lifting and intermittent power requirements, while there is one region in the eastern part of Sudan that has a wind speed of 6 ms which is suitable for wind power production.