First new wind farm in Romania

In 2010, a total of 35 of these wind turbines are to be installed here and in neighbouring wind farms. “With the first section of Mihai Viteazu, ENERCON is the first manufacturer to have installed and connected a wind farm comprising of brand new wind turbines in Romania,” announced ENERCON Sales Engineer Florian Rohde happily.

The reason being that, until the end of 2008, only used wind turbines were installed in the land between the Carpathians and the Black Sea. Andreas Blutke, Chief Executive of the Constanta based owners of the wind farm, Clean Energy Development, was highly appreciative of the great cooperation with ENERCON.

“Without their hard efforts and great commitment, the wind power project wouldn‘t have been successful!” Once completed the Mihai Viteazu wind farm will contain 12 wind turbines and the Swiss investors, Stream Invest Holding, have already agreed three more wind energy projects in the vicinity. These are in Biruinta, Pantelimon und Ciocarlia.

“After our first positive experience in Romania, we could imagine installing larger wind farms at other locations closed to the Black Sea‘s coast. There are still a lot of areas in various regions which have an excellent wind potential,” says Rohde. Offices for ENERCON’s Service engineers looking after the wind farms in the area have already been rented. And on a long-term basis, Rohde thinks that installing a volume of 30-50 2 MW turbines per year is feasible.

Exploiting wind energy is still in its infancy in Romania (only 14 MW in 2009) but since they are now a member of the EU, the government is committed to expanding renewable energies.

So far, hydro power has been the major source of renewable energy production. However, Romania has been wanting to make headway in using its wind resources for years now. A law that regulates the remuneration of renewable energy has been adopted only in November.

So, the projects in Constanta are just the first stepping stone. After building the first E-53 wind farms for Stream Invest the annual CO2 reduction will be already up to 56 thousand tons.