Company to introduce electric vehicles in Ethiopia

The company has finalized preparations to launch production while it is awaiting the license which will allow it to produce the first electric cars in the country, according to Signor Pironti. The company will assemble different models of electric cars with an automatic brake system.

According to Signor Pironti, the cars the company assembles could be driven 80 to 150 km (depending on the inclination of the road) after being charged for eight hours.

Free Style will assemble different models of electric vehicles, including Elettra 5.0, Elettra 8.5 and Elettra 10,5 under the trade mark SOLARIS, the cheapest car with a price tag of 182,000 birr.

The company has been in business in Ethiopia for the last fifteen years, its ventures mainly involving renewable energy supplies, including solar energy and wind power. The company established its plant on a 15,000 sq.m. in Legetafo while it has plans to expand the facility.

According to Pironti, the company will further expand its production facility in Lagetafo with additional investment in the coming two years. When production is in full swing, said Signor Pironti, the plant will put out 300 cars annually. A single car can be assembled in three days.

The company will kick-start the production with the motto: "From a green country to a green world." According to Signor Pironti, the company will export its electric cars to Europe and elsewhere. The factory will create job opportunities for 350 people when production is in full swing, according to its owner.

By Hayal Alemayehu,