In Europe, new wind power tops other sources in 2009

According to figures provided by the EWEA (European Wind Energy Association), in 2009 wind turbines manufactured in Europe accounted for 39% of new installed capacity, followed by gas (26%) and photovoltaics (16%). In all, 61% of last year’s newly installed capacity was generated from renewable sources.

Wind power increased by 10,048 MW, reaching a total capacity of 74,767 MW. In other ordinary years this capacity generated 163 billion kWh in the wind farms, equivalent to 4.8% of the EU’s electricity needs.

In economic terms, in 2009 European investment in wind farms reached 13 billion euros, of which 1.5 billion for offshore projects.

In terms of individual countries, Germany is still the leading European wind energy producer, followed in order by Spain, Italy, France and United Kingdom. However, Spain was the country which grew the most in 2009, with additional 2500 MW (24%), followed by Germany (1,920 MW, +19%) and Italy (1,114 MW, + 11%) .