La Gloria wind farm in Costa Rica

At the end of November, 55 E-44 wind turbines in the Cordillera de Guanacaste completed their test operation phase. The wind farm is located at a spectacular site near a volcano.

The average wind speed here is 12 m/s. ENERCON project manager Christian Oberbeck expresses his happiness with the wind energy project: The cooperation between the individual teams who took care of installation, grid connection, commissioning, and service was outstanding.

"Up until commissioning, Brazilian and German team members were at the helm, but now local team members from Costa Rica take over the monitoring of the turbines," reports Oberbeck.

"The wind farm is now fully connected to the grid and supplies the people in Costa Rica with clean wind power," says Marie-Luise Pörtner, Managing Director of juwi Wind GmbH, the company that developed the wind turbines and is now a joint operator.

"It’s a great feeling to be able to conclude such a trailblazing project. The cooperation between all involved companies was just outstanding."

This wind farm, the largest juwi has built so far, is a milestone for Latin America, says Pörtner. "’La Gloria’ has already spawned many similar wind power projects in Costa Rica and other countries throughout the region."