CLP Pioneers Trial of Electric Vehicles (EV) Quick Charger

CLP today officially launched Hong Kong’s first EV Quick Charger, marking a new milestone in promoting a wider adoption of electric vehicles in the territory. Over the next six months, CLP will conduct technical trials on the EV Quick Charger and hope that the test result can further the growth of EVs in Hong Kong. The EV quick charger could be used for many models of electric vehicles.

Located at CLP’s Centenary Building on To Wah Road in Jordan, an EV Quick Charger is available for technical trials. EV users, including government departments, corporations, academic and research institutes and individuals are welcome to experience the most advanced charging system in town during the six-month trial period.

By complementing the standard charging stations, CLP believes that the introduction of quick charger will provide more choices and flexibility to EV users which will ultimately help promote the use of EV in Hong Kong.

The user-friendly EV Quick Charger offers a quick and convenient charging solution for time-pressed drivers. It takes about 15 minutes to power an EV to run 60 kilometres and 120 kilometres on just half an hour charge.

Mr. Richard Lancaster, Managing Director of CLP Power Hong Kong Ltd, said during today’s launch ceremony, “CLP is committed to facilitating wider adoption of zero-emission mobility to Hong Kong. Introduction of EV Quick Charger represents a big step forward in the development of infrastructure in promoting the use of EVs in the city. CLP will continue to play an active part in the research and development of EV infrastructure in Hong Kong.”

CLP earlier unveiled the first batch of 21 standard EV charging stations in Hong Kong, eight of which have been gradually in place since November 2009.

CLP shares Government’s vision of building a cleaner and greener Hong Kong. Use of EVs not only fits CLP’s climate vision in addressing the threat of climate change, but also effectively reduces Hong Kong’s carbon footprint and improves roadside air quality.

CLP Power Hong Kong Limited is the largest electric utility in Hong Kong serving the business and domestic community in Kowloon, the New Territories, Lantau and most of the outlying islands. Operating a vertically integrated electricity generation, transmission and distribution business, CLP Power provides a highly reliable supply of electricity and excellent customer services to over 5.5 million people in its supply area.

Outside Hong Kong, CLP Holdings also invests in energy businesses in Mainland China, Australia, India and Southeast Asia. It is the largest external investor in the Chinese mainland electricity industry, and a leading international private sector power company in the Asia Pacific region with a diversified portfolio of power generation from gas, coal, renewables and nuclear.

CLP is listed in the Global Dow – a 150-stock index of the world’s leading blue-chips, the Dow Jones Sustainability Asia Pacific Index (DJSI Asia Pacific), and the Dow Jones Sustainability Asia Pacific 40 Index (DJSI Asia Pacific 40).