Nordex flexing its muscles in Italy

Accordingly, in the space of only around three years after realigning itself, Nordex Italia has already emerged as the third largest wind turbine operator in this expansionary market.

In the same period, volume sales of wind turbines in Italy grew by an annual average of 38 percent, with total wind energy installed capacity currently standing at 4,850 MW.

“We materially owe this success to our local skills in executing complex large-scale projects,” says Francesco Paolo Liuzzi, managing director of Nordex Italia.

Just recently, his team completed the country’s largest wind farm to date, the Monte Grighine wind farm near Oristano, Sardinia, comprising 43 N90/2300 multi-megawatt turbines with an installed capacity of almost 100 megawatts.

Nordex is going for size in its products as well. Explains Liuzzi: “Ten years ago, Nordex was the first to enter the 2.5 MW class. Today, we offer technically mature versions of this platform covering nearly all wind conditions.” In particular, the N100/2500 has been specially developed for markets such as Italy which exhibit numerous moderate wind fields.

At the beginning of 2010, the number of Nordex wind turbines installed around the world since 1985 passed the 4,000 mark. Of the globally installed wind power nominal output of 5.67 GW, some 52% is accounted for by the multi-megawatt class, which was launched in 2000.