Smart solutions for electric mobility: electric vehicles smart fortwo electric drive

No emissions, yet pure driving pleasure. The smart fortwo electric drive makes its Canadian debut at the 2010 Canadian International Auto Show. This technologically advanced two-seater is the first emission-free vehicle in the world with state-of-the-art lithium-ion battery technology and an intelligent charging management system on board. This makes the compact smart fortwo electric drive the first environmentally and customer-friendly electric vehicle, and continues smart’s tradition of introducing innovative and intelligent transportation solutions that redefine mobility.

"Environmental compatibility and the latest functionalities have been defining features of the smart fortwo since it was launched more than ten years ago. Since then, its innovative concept has combined pioneering technology to optimize urban mobility. The smart fortwo electric drive is just as convincing as its siblings with conventional drive when it comes to suitability for everyday use, safety and driving pleasure. In terms of environmental compatibility, it sets a new benchmark with its emission-free electric drive. In addition, with just 12 kwH consumption and its purely electric drive system, it is the most economical and environmentally-friendly way of driving," stated Dr. Thomas Weber.

The electric smart will be delivered to selected fleet, business and private customers around the world as part of various "e-mobility" projects. These customers will receive a complete service package for their vehicle thanks to a "full-service rental model." "In addition to state-of-the-art vehicle technology, we also want to provide our customers the best service possible – for us, this is an integral part of the concept of groundbreaking mobility," commented Harald Schuff, Executive Vice-President Mercedes-Benz Sales and Marketing Organization.

The key objective of these projects is to evaluate customer behaviour and specific support services. In addition to Germany, the electric smart will also be made available to customers in Italy, Spain, England, France, Switzerland, USA, and Canada in the fall of 2010.

The concept

Thanks to its innovative vehicle concept, the intelligent two-seater combines sustainable, forward-looking technologies for urban mobility. Its unique design has led the smart fortwo to quickly become an automotive lifestyle icon. The new smart fortwo electric drive is still a smart fortwo without any compromises in terms of safety, comfort and space. A 40 hp electric motor operates in the rear of the smart fortwo electric drive, which ensures good acceleration with 88 lb-ft of torque. When fully charged, the highly-efficient lithium-ion battery guarantees a range of 135 kilometers thanks to its 16.5 kwH capacity – more than enough for city traffic. To charge the battery, the smart can simply be hooked up to a public charging station, a wall box in the garage or any household socket.

Intelligent charging management: charging and paying, as easy as using a mobile phone

As the world’s first series-production electric car, the smart fortwo electric drive is equipped with an intelligent charging management system. The on-board electronics allow for the permanent exchange of information with the grid. As such, electricity billing, for example, can be arranged in a very convenient, simple and secure way. Regardless of where the smart fortwo electric drive has obtained electricity, the customer will only receive one electricity bill from their own energy supplier. Drivers can also check the charging status and therefore the current range of their electric smart in any place and at any time by using a smartphone or other internet interfaces. The heating and air-conditioning systems are also controlled by the power electronics unit, which allows drivers of the smart fortwo electric drive to pre-heat or cool their cars as soon as the vehicle is connected to the grid supply – no other car offers this convenient option.

The electronics of the vehicle also form the basis for future applications, such as active management of the charging process. The electronics can retrieve the maximum available charging capacity as well as the corresponding electricity costs when the vehicle is hooked up, allowing it to calculate the most cost-effective time for recharging. If the electric smart is to be parked for a long period of time, charging can be carried out at times when there is a lower electricity network load, for example.

smart solutions for electric mobility

With the smart fortwo electric drive, smart is continuing its success story as the founder of the intelligent city vehicle. The new electric smart has redefined urban mobility by focusing on a purely emission-free way of driving. As such, the brand is not only demonstrating its role as a trendsetter, but also its technological innovation power: the smart fortwo electric drive is the ideal solution for emission-free driving for the future.